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    May/June '19 Exams

    by Admin1 IIC -

    Dear I.I.C. Students,

    To all of you who are writing your International GCSE or AS-Level exams next month - we wish you the very best!

    Remember that you can contact us for help at any time leading up to and during your exams!

    Hard work pays off - have a look at this YouTube video for some tips on how to approach the next few weeks of revision and study.

    God Bless!

    The I.I.C. Team

    October/November 2017 Examinations

    by Admin1 IIC -
    It's that time of the year again when IIC students both locally and internationally are hard at work during their final push for the end of year IGCSE and AS-Level exams.

    We would like to wish our students all of the best! Please remember that we are here to offer support if needed!

    Keep up the hard work - persevere - it will pay off; and in the end you will reap the rewards!

    God Bless
    The Imperial International College Team

    May/June '17 Exam Encouragement

    by Admin1 IIC -

    To all of our students writing IGCSE and AS-Level exams in this May/June sitting, we would like to extend our best wishes to you!

    Remain focused through this final push and remember that we and your tutors are a phone call or email away!

    We pray that God would give you the focus and strength required to finish your courses strong!

    Best wishes

    The Imperial International College Team!

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